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RDAP Consultants & Custody Advisors was founded by former Federal inmates Holli Houghton and Larry Levine. They specialize in assisting male & female defendants qualify for entry in the RDAP federal prison early release program.

Federal Prison Sentence Reductions
Get Up To An 18 Month Early Release

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Help For Female Defendants

Holli Houghton guides clients on RDAP entry and being a female inmate in Federal custody.

RDAP Early Releases

Our licensed therapists provide dependency assessments to qualify defendants for Federal Bureau of Prison RDAP early release.

Second Chance Act Releases

We prepare BOP documents for inmates filing qualifying them for 12 months halfway house.

Pre Custody Consultations

We coach and explain BOP operations,inmate jobs, medical care, visits, mail, phone use, dealing with staff, and aspects of inmate life.

Residential Drug Abuse Program

Residential Drug Abuse Program If you’re serving federal prison time and have a history of substance abuse, you may be able to apply for the RDAP early release program that will take 12 months off of your sentence and qualify you for 6 months in a halfway house prior to your release. RDAP Consultants have the answers you’re looking for. Call us now at 855-774-7664.

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