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RDAP Consultants & Custody Advisors was founded by former Federal inmates Holli Houghton and Larry Levine. They specialize in assisting male & female defendants qualify for entry in the RDAP federal prison early release program.

Federal Prison Sentence Reductions
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Help For Female Defendants

Holli Houghton guides clients on RDAP entry and being a female inmate in Federal custody.

RDAP Early Releases

Our licensed therapists provide dependency assessments to qualify defendants for Federal Bureau of Prison RDAP early release.

Second Chance Act Releases

We prepare BOP documents for inmates filing qualifying them for 12 months halfway house.

Pre Custody Consultations

We coach and explain BOP operations,inmate jobs, medical care, visits, mail, phone use, dealing with staff, and aspects of inmate life.

RDAP Sentence Reduction

RDAP Sentence Reduction

Bringing inmates on the right track

Prison systems have developed a lot of behavioral and social programs, with the goal of supporting and preparing inmates for their safe release in the society. And among the most important ones is the RDAP program. The professionals at RDAP Consultants have put in place an anti-drug consumption system that aims at providing clinical, behavioral and educational support to drug addicts imprisoned in the federal institutions.

And it all functions based on the RDAP sentence reduction mechanism. What this means is that, once having qualified for the rehabilitation program, the inmate will become eligible for a significant sentence reduction as it follows:

- For a 37-month sentence or more the sentence reduction is 12 months

- Between 31 and 36 months the sentence reduction is 9 months

- For 31 months or less, the sentence reduction is 6 months

As it can be clearly seen, the highest RDAP reward cannot exceed a 1-year period and cannot go lower than half that.

Drug addicts need professional help

In order to understand the importance of rehabilitation programs like the RDAP, one must first understand the problems it aims to correct. Drug addiction can become highly debilitating, placing both the consumer and those around him in serious danger. And it all steams off of how the narcotic mechanism functions at brain level.

Drugs like heroin, especially when injected, will have almost immediate and long-lasting effects. And that’s not all. Heroin is an opioid that increases the dopamine levels tenfold, inducing an intense state of euphoria. The problem is that the body will quickly develop a heightened tolerance to the substance, causing the brain to lower the dopamine levels as soon as the narcotic effects wear off.

In the aftermath, the drug addict will likely increase the dose, precisely because the brain has grown more tolerant towards the opioid and this is one of the many problems the RDAP sentence reduction system is trying to correct. Other problems include aggressive behavior, psychoactive effects, paranoia, delusion, hallucinations and even stimulant psychosis, a clinical manifestation affecting 0.1% of those overdosing on psychostimulants.

What it takes to qualify for the program

Not all convicts are eligible for the program, regardless whether the judge has recommended RDAP as part of the sentencing process or not. Eligibility encompasses several crucial criteria, mainly:

- Verified substance abuse problems, regarding illegal drugs like Heroin, Cocaine or Methamphetamine

- Severe alcohol addiction

- Over-consumption of legal drugs like Valium or Vicodin

- The lack of any criminal record over the past 10 years prior to the sentencing

- The inmate needs to have the proper mental capacity 

- Any substance abuse needs to have occurred within the last 12 months prior to sentencing

- The sentence needs to be long enough to allow the completion of the program

Once all the conditions have been met, the RDAP sentence reduction program will come into effect. And we, at RDAP Consultants, will make everything in our power to increase its efficiency and ensure as high as possible promotion rates.

RDAP Sentence Reduction
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