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RDAP Consultants & Custody Advisors was founded by former Federal inmates Holli Houghton and Larry Levine. They specialize in assisting male & female defendants qualify for entry in the RDAP federal prison early release program.

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Help For Female Defendants

Holli Houghton guides clients on RDAP entry and being a female inmate in Federal custody.

RDAP Early Releases

Our licensed therapists provide dependency assessments to qualify defendants for Federal Bureau of Prison RDAP early release.

Second Chance Act Releases

We prepare BOP documents for inmates filing qualifying them for 12 months halfway house.

Pre Custody Consultations

We coach and explain BOP operations,inmate jobs, medical care, visits, mail, phone use, dealing with staff, and aspects of inmate life.

RDAP Program

RDAP Program

Helping and rehabilitating damaged members of society

Drug abuse has devastating individual and social effects. The consumers are not the only ones that get to suffer, but their families, their friends and, in many cases, strangers as well. The team at RDAP Consultants focuses on diminishing the impact of drug consumption in the society and one of the first steps it takes is putting inmate rehabilitation programs in place.

We are talking about the RDAP program, developed with the specific goal of rehabilitating inmates, defuse their medical and behavioral problems and reintroduce them into the society. These are critical steps to be taken, because it is well-known that drug addicts are a danger to the other members of the community.

Multiple studies on the matter have identified several behavioral and social repercussions, linked to heavy drug abuse:

- Increased tendency towards aggressive behaviors – Drug addicts will grow more irritable and antisocial, often times, could turn physically aggressive towards others.

- Behavioral volatility – They tend to show sudden shifts in mood, alternating states of intense happiness with extreme depression, anger or even apathy.

- Severe financial problems – Their financial problems are closely linked to the mechanism behind opioids. Once you have become an addict, there is no turning back on your own, especially when considering drugs of high risk. Which means they need a constant supply to satisfy their needs.

- Susceptibility to depression – Anxiety and depression are common traits of your average drug addicts. These factors alone can easily prevent them to become functional members of the community. Not to mention the tendency towards suicide, coming along with them.

- History of criminal activity – This is where the RDAP program comes in. The majority of drug addicts will eventually start breaking the law, either on their own will or due to the fact that they are no longer in control of their thoughts and actions. That is, if we ignore the fact that they are already breaking the law by transacting or consuming illegal substances in the first place.

With all of these risks in place, it is no wonder that measures need to be taken and fast.

Dealing with the problems

The inmate rehabilitation program functions as a reward system. Inmates that sign in will have their sentences reduced with either 6, 9 or 12 months, once they complete the program, depending on their initial sentence. At most they get 1 year cut out of their total prescribed jail time. This system is designed to both reinstate their status as active, functional and non-threatening members of the community and protect the society at the same time.

The RDAP program, with its strict rules and requirements, is currently one of the best social tools designed to reduce crime levels, as well as drug abuse statistics altogether. Its efficiency is mostly attributed to the team of specialists at RDAP Consultants, whose main goal is to improve its functionality and make sure it keeps delivering palpable and relevant results. Which is more we could ask from any prison rehabilitation mechanism.

RDAP Program
RDAP Consultants
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