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RDAP Consultants & Custody Advisors was founded by former Federal inmates Holli Houghton and Larry Levine. They specialize in assisting male & female defendants qualify for entry in the RDAP federal prison early release program.

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Help For Female Defendants

Holli Houghton guides clients on RDAP entry and being a female inmate in Federal custody.

RDAP Early Releases

Our licensed therapists provide dependency assessments to qualify defendants for Federal Bureau of Prison RDAP early release.

Second Chance Act Releases

We prepare BOP documents for inmates filing qualifying them for 12 months halfway house.

Pre Custody Consultations

We coach and explain BOP operations,inmate jobs, medical care, visits, mail, phone use, dealing with staff, and aspects of inmate life.

Federal Inmate Drug Abuse Programs

Federal Inmate Drug Abuse Programs

It is common knowledge that drug abuse and drug addiction will break your life entirely in time. It doesn’t take much for significant damages to occur, both physical and psychological, and these, in return, will cause additional problems in the addict’s life. Some of them of legal nature, which is where we, at RDAP Prison Consultants, come in.

The federal inmate drug abuse programs have been designed with the goal of helping inmates heal and prepare them for reintegration. It is a long and challenging process because drug addiction will cause significant changes in a person’s biology and behavior. Some of these changes will send ripples in the social environment the patient lives in. Drug addicts will develop poor relationships, have problems with their families and their jobs, will neglect education, along with all their daily duties and responsibilities and so on.

For this reason, the rehabilitation program has to spread across all aspects of a patient’s life, seeking to restore the damages and make sure the addict will remain clean in the future.

The RDAP rehabilitation program

A report coming from the National Center on Addiction and Substance Abuse (NCASA) showed that over 1.5 million US inmates meet the criteria for drug use disorder, out of the total of 2.3 million. Even more, around 450,000 inmates were found to have been under the influence at the time of committing the acts that they’ve been convicted for, and that they had a history of drug and alcohol abuse behind them.

The “Behind Bars II, Substance Abuse and America’s Prison Population” also stated that:

  • Over 78% of all the violent crimes nationwide involved alcohol or drug abuse
  • 83% of property crimes were related to the same aspects, along with 77% of the weapons offenses and probation violation
  • The federal inmate drug abuse programs only treat about 11% of the inmates who need professional assistance
  • 85% of the US’s prison population show signs of substance abuse or has a history in this regard
  • Although the US has little over than 4% of the world’s population, it consumes 2/3 of the global reserve of illicit drugs, has ¼ of the world’s prison population and more than 8/10 inmates have substance abuse problems

It is obvious that something needs to be done and that “something” comes in the form of the RDAP rehab program. The federal rehabilitation program spans over the course of 9 months, totaling 500 hours, and including activities like group therapy sessions, watching motivational and educational videos and bond and socialize with the other inmates who share the same problems.

In addition to that, the inmates will use the federal inmate drug abuse programs as means to reduce their sentence as follows: a 31-month sentence or less makes for a 6 months reduction, a 31 to 36-months sentence makes for a 9 months reduction and a 37-month sentence or more makes qualifies for a 12 months reduction. At, RDAP Prison Consultants, our goal is not only to help inmates sobering up but make sure they will become productive members of the society again. Assisting the inmates is helping and protecting the community.

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