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PRE Custody Federal Prison Coaching Service

My name’s Larry Levine. I’m a former 10 year federal inmate, and Director and co-founder of RDAP Consultants and Wall Street Prison Consultants. On behalf of myself, and my partner former federal inmate Holli Coulman who assists our female clients, I’d like to welcome you to our website of Affordable Services for those entering the Federal Prison System (BOP). 

Our Pre Custody services are affordable, based on reality, and the experience of Larry Levine surviving ten years at 11 federal institutions and Holli Coulman serving federal time in women’s prisons! We’re here to help, and here’s why you should use us!

Experienced Prison Consultants You Can Trust

RDAP Consultants is composed of America’s most experienced firm of federal prison consultants, sentencing consultants, and sentence reduction prison experts, consisting of retired Federal Bureau of Prisons staff, former federal inmates, and mitigation specialists with extensive knowledge of Federal Law, the Federal Court System, and inner workings of the Federal Bureau of Prisons. 

Why You Should Hire a Prison Consultant

Those charged with federal crimes often become confused listening to opinions of others about what will happen to them, and whether hiring a prison consultant’s necessary at all! While everyone has opinions…are they qualified opinions! When involved in a Federal criminal case, Knowledge is Key, and hiring a prison consultant with FACTS instead of opinions, can be the difference in EARLY RELEASE, and spending unnecessary time in custody.

Don’t Be Fooled By Inexperienced Overpriced Competitors!

It’s possible you may have been approached or seen flashy websites or videos from other consultants offering some type of OVERPRICED “White Collar Assistance” or help for defendants with “RDAP Laws” or even assistance serving their “Jail Time”! Many are listed on Ripoff Report as called scams and reportedly charge huges fees and do nothing, while others listed on Ripoff Report Complaints  have been called liars and scammers and with other reported to be Con Artists.

While on the surface, these consulting firms might all seem the same. But the truth is they’re NOT! Many of are run by inexperienced former inmates who’ve served a “YEAR and a DAY in private NON BOP prison camps, paralegals, and former prison staff members telling you what should happen, not what actually happens.

Affordable RDAP Consulting Services

Our services are AFFORDABLE and based on reality, and the personal hands on experience of Larry Levine’s surviving a 10 year Federal Sentence at 7 BOP federal institutions, 2 private federal contract facilities and county jails in California and Texas. 

If you’re reading this, in all likelihood you or a loved one are facing the prospect of being sentenced to serve time in a Federal Prison, looking for information on the Bureau of Prisons RDAP Early Release Program, interested on obtaining eligibility for extra halfway house through the Second Chance Act, and need help understanding the rules, policies and dangers of prison life.

I too was once a first-time offender, and in the same agonizing position people being sent to federal prison now face. An uncaring District Court Judge slammed down his gavel and sent me off to Prison. I was scared, angry, and confused; and totally overwhelmed by a Criminal Justice System I knew little about. I had no idea what expect, no one to turn to, and was on my own.

According to current Justice Department statistics, 97.1% of those charged with white collar inmates are convicted, the majority being thousands of first-time offenders clueless what to expect when entering custody. While there’s no lack of resources and great lawyers to help fight federal criminal cases in the courtroom, when it comes time to actually enter custody, a lawyer’s knowledge and experience ends at the prisons gates.

Larry Levine Fox News and ABC Nightline Appearances

Prisons Can Be Dangerous Places

If the thought of you entering custody concerns you and your family, you’re not alone! Prisons are dangerous places and a breeding ground of lies, deceit and violence. Having knowledge about prison policies, dealing with gangs, staff, and the politics of prison life, are the key to surviving successfully behind the fence and coming home safely. While not all federal prisons are dangerous, there are risks, and unknowingly violating prison rules, (written and unwritten) can subject inmates to loss of good time and other sanctions.

As I worked my way down in custody, I was shuttled off between 11 dysfunctional federal correctional institutions and prison camps. During my journey, I saw regular people just like you, being given the run-around and being fed misinformation by inmates and uncaring BOP Staff.

Federal Prison Staff Provide Little Help

While many new inmates believe they can rely on the prison staff for information, THEY ARE MISTAKEN! Other than when it comes to writing up inmates for disciplinary issues, those incarcerated soon learn that prison staffs are unmotivated and would rather not be bothered. They only do the minimum in helping inmates deal with problems and issues, basically leaving the inmates on their own to figure out how things work.

We Coach How to Thrive & Survive in Prison

Our Fedtime101 prison orientation program teaches inmates what they need to know to survive on the inside. What we offer is expert assistance for self-surrender clients getting ready to enter a Bureau of Prisons facility, and provide direct one-on-one counseling and guidance to ensure clients and their families have a total understanding of what issues lie ahead.

By taking the Fedtime 101 program, you will have an edge over others from the moment you arrive, in knowing what to expect, what the best jobs are, how to obtain medical care, and have the peace of mind of not making a costly mistake that can have lingering effects on your entire prison stay such as loss of good-time, visits, telephone use or commissary privileges.

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