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About RDAP Prison Consultants

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RDAP Consultants is composed of America’s most experienced firm of federal prison consultants, sentencing consultants, and sentence reduction prison experts, consisting of retired Federal Bureau of Prisons staff, former federal inmates, and mitigation specialists with extensive knowledge of Federal Law, the Federal Court System, and inner workings of the Federal Bureau of Prisons.

Affordable RDAP Sentence Reduction Services

RDAP Consultants Pre Custody services are affordable, based on reality, and the experience of Larry Levine surviving ten years at 11 federal institutions and Holli Coulman serving federal time in women’s prisons! We’re here to help, and here’s why you should use

We are a full service Prison Consulting firm offering female & male inmates BOP RDAP Sentence Reductions, Second Chance Act early releases, Prison Designation assistance and guidance what to expect in federal prison. Affordable payment plans. Call for help now 855-774-7664

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