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Residential Drug Abuse Program

Drug abuse can become incredibly debilitating. It will slowly take over one’s life to the point where it will destroy every aspect of it: health, relationships, social interactions, social productivity, mental composure, as well as any hope for a stable, productive, and happy future. This is why we, at RDAP Consultants, focus on providing an efficient solution to some of the society’s worst problems.

The BOP drug abuse treatment programs is the coronation of our efforts and it aims at protecting the society and improving people’s lives, so that they would have a chance to a normal, fulfilling future. The BOP program aims at both defusing the drug addiction and gives people a sense of belonging, as they get to share their experiences with others in the same situation as them.

Going for a 500-hour time span (4 days per week, for a total of 9 months) the program relies on several tested methods of reeducating the inmates, such as:

Book reading

Listening to lectures on drug abuse, choices, responsibilities, and opportunities

Watch videos on the topic

Participate in group meetings, where they get to showcase their experiences and problems, in order to seek confirmation and support

Depending on their determination and will to change, the inmates who finish the BOP program successfully will get a sentence reduction proportional to their original sentence, as follows:

For a sentence of 37 months or more, the BOP deduction is 1 year

For a sentence between 31 and 36 months, the BOP deduction is 9 months

For a sentence of 31 months or less, the BOP deduction is 6 months

In this context, the BOP inmate substance abuse treatment can prove to be incredibly useful for both those taking part in it and to the society at large. Inmates who complete the program have a higher chance of being successfully reintegrated in the society.

How do they change?

Being a drug addict is a never-ending loop. You need your daily dose and you will do anything to make sure you get it. And, with the consumption of opioids like heroin, that dose keeps growing as your brain needs more and more dopamine to over weigh its own tendency to grow tolerance to it. As a result, heavy drugs users will grow to have extreme financial and health problems, more often than not, leading to social exclusion and even death.

Overcoming addiction means that:

Their aggressive and paranoiac tendencies will stop

They will become responsible once again

They will get out of the financial hole they were in

Their health will improve

They’ll have a chance of becoming productive members of society once more

The BOP inmate substance abuse treatment is nothing more than a chance. The chance to a normal, fulfilling life that the inmates wouldn’t get if the program hadn’t existed. And RDAP Consultants specialists do whatever it takes to ensure the program’s success and to make sure that the inmates completing it come out as changed human beings.

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