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In the US, illegal substance abuse is one of the worst social problems to be dealt with, and numerous rehabilitation programs are aiming at defusing as much of the situation as possible. Institutions like RDAP Consultants, RDAP Program Assistance, have been founded on the idea that the individuals and the society in general, need to be protected and one of the most critical steps to take is limit drug abuse.

The inmate substance abuse treatment consists of several methods, and it spans over the course of 9 months, during which the patients go through a wide range of therapeutic procedures. Nationwide, consumption of illegal substances (opioids mainly) is responsible for most crimes, with as much as 50% of the individuals in the American prison system being clinically addicted to one substance or more.

Here we include psychoactive drugs like heroin and opium, stimulants like cocaine, amphetamine and methamphetamine, dissociative drugs like ketamine, PCP, dextromethorphan, hallucinogens like LSD, mescaline and psilocybin and alcohol, prescription medicine or common inhalants, like anabolic steroids, nitrites, laughing gas and so on.

The list is long, and the effects are grim in every case:

Rapid, almost immediate dependence

Physiological symptoms of headaches, sweating, sensory hallucinations, paranoia, shakiness, fever, loss of appetite, insomnia and so on

More significant financial problems, because of the need to entertain the addiction

Loss of memory and cognitive abilities

The inability to remain a functional member of the society

The relationship with family and friends starts deteriorating

Loss of consciousness

Tendency towards over-dosing

Temporary or permanent organ and brain damage


On top of all of these, the relapse is a real danger that needs to be taken into consideration, which is something any inmate substance abuse treatment considers of maximum priority.

Behavioral treatments

The rehabilitation programs aimed at dealing with both physiological and social symptoms of drug abuse, with the purpose of restoring the individuals’ health, self-confidence and self-control abilities, as well as the relationships with those around them. Such results can only come from adopting multiple strategies; each meant to deal with different aspects of the matter.

Over the course of the nine months period, the inmates who have qualified for the rehabilitation program go through motivational speeches and lectures, watch videos and read books on the topic, helping them understand the magnitude of the problem they’re in and get to share their life experiences with others. Feeling like they can bond with other people who have been through the same things as them, or worse, is recomforting and it provides them with the spiritual support they need.

So long as the inmates qualify for the inmate substance abuse treatment and show interest and determination into completing it successfully, their chances of bringing about significant change into their lives will increase significantly. This is what makes all the efforts of the RDAP Consultants worth it. Keeping drug use under control is always a priority, but helping people redeem themselves from under the drug abuse-rehab-relapse loop is as important, if not more.

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