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Federal Sentence Drug Reduction Program

According to several studies over the years, 80% of the offenders are drug or alcohol abusers, with the figures varying slightly from time to time. At the same time, well over 40% of prison inmates have proven drug addicts, which means they require particular attention if they are to be released safely back into the society. Taking the fight against drug addiction to the next level, the RDAP Consultants team has developed an extensive rehabilitation inmate program to assist individuals getting back on track.

The federal sentence drug reduction program RDAP Program Assistance has been designed to help prisoners escape the grip of substance addiction, regardless of its nature and reduce their sentence in the process. Depending on their verdict, by joining and completing the rehabilitation program inmates can reduce their time as follows:

Six months reduction for a 31 months sentence or less nine months reduction for a 31 to 36 months sentence 1-year reduction for a 37 months sentence or more

The maximum they can get is a 1-year reduction, although, given the occasional program overcrowding, their sentence cut may be smaller than what they are entitled to.

Goals and results

Due to how opioids and other narcotics function, an extensive, professional approach is always required in order to avoid the risk of relapse (the inmate starting to use drugs again). And, especially when talking about heavy and prolonged drug consumption, the decline is the norm, not the exception. Studies have shown that approximately 85% of drug addicts relapse within the first year after the rehabilitation treatment has stopped.

On top of that, more than 60% relapse within merely months or even weeks in the rehab process. This is why an efficient federal sentence drug reduction program needs to primarily focus on preventing regression, because the program’s efficiency can only be accounted for when the drug addict remains to stay clean for as much as possible, preferably for good.

With regards to the actual benefits, the most important ones are:

The urge for drug consumption is massively diminished, up to be removed entirely

The individual will be able to connect with the loved ones once again

The financial problems will stop Upon release; the inmate will have a chance of becoming productive and responsible once more

The psychological issues are countered and even reversed (insomnia, hyperactivity, aggression, sudden mood shifts, paranoia, delusion)

The individuals find people they can relate to, sharing the same problems and having the same goals

In the end, the federal sentence drug reduction program aims at restoring the inmates’ control over their own lives and setting the stage for their release into the society. It is for these reasons why drug addiction and relapse need to be treated as pressing matters, because they are, and they affect not only those involved, but also the other members of society around them.

The rehab program at RDAP Consultants keeps changing lives and will keep doing it, so long as there are people in need, who seek support and guidance.

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