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Early Release Help For Federal Inmates

There is nothing that uplifts the spirits of federal inmates more than the thought of being released earlier than the end of their prison term. The chance to be with family again and live a healthy life sooner than later is a great motivation to find ways to shorten one’s time in federal prison. No one knows this better than us, Holli and Larry, founders of RDAP Consultants & Custody Advisors, America’s Premier RDAP Consulting Team and are here to help with RDAP Sentence Reductions. We were federal inmates as well, so we have made it our mission to help federal inmates the best way we can because we know what life is behind bars.  If you want to help someone who wants to spend a shorter time in prison or you are curious as to what early release for federal inmates is all about, here is some information for you.

Three legal ways can provide early release for federal inmates.  Another way is to apply for a compassionate release. This way is usually for inmates who are the only possible caregiver for their child, have a debilitating or terminal medical condition, or are considered elderly and have served a specific amount of their sentence. As you can see, these two avenues to obtain an early release for federal inmates somehow largely depend on the actions and decisions of other people, and not the inmate.

Good behavior. We at RDAP Consulting & Custody Advisors cannot stress this enough. In the world of federal prison, these two words “good behavior” are very, very important because your attitude, while you serve your sentence, determines how long you are going to be an inmate. Maintaining good behavior can help you become qualified for early release programs offered by the Federal Bureau of Prisons (BOP) like the RDAP or Residential Drug Abuse Program.  In a 3-year outcome study conducted by the BOP, it showed that RDAP is very useful in reducing recidivism.

To be a candidate for RDAP, non-violent federal inmates must, among others, have a verifiable substance abuse issue at least a year before committing their crime, must not have any weapons charges or history of violence, and can stay in the United States after the program is complete.  In general, BOP’s RDAP is a specialized program that can contribute to the early release of federal inmates. Why? Because the 500-hour treatment program can be added to your “good behavior” time. On average, the program can reduce a sentence by nine months. This means inmates who get into RDAP and maintain good behavior might be able to return to their family and loved ones sooner.

The experts at RDAP Consulting & Custody Advisors are ready to guide you so you can qualify for RDAP. We can walk you through what happens in the screening process, the critical required documents, and everything else in between.  At RDAP Consulting & Custody Advisors, we will assist you to the best we can so that you can be eligible for RDAP. To find out more about this service, reach out to us at (855) 774-7664 for a free consultation.  We are here to help

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