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BOP Drug Abuse Treatment Programs

The major problem with drug abuse is that those under the influence are often not aware of the repercussions of their actions. This fact alone makes them a danger to society, at which point one of the top priorities is to help correct their behavior. The team at RDAP Consultants aim at dealing with this problem with the help of the penitentiary system.

The results of its efforts come in the form of the Federal Sentence Drug Reduction Program, developed with the help of specialists for the drug addicts who are already in custody. Inmates looking to reduce their sentences can now do so by joining the BOP rehabilitation programs, where thorough, careful approaches are meant to cleanse both their system and their minds of the harmful effects of narcotics.

Developed during a period of crack epidemic, the prison rehabilitation program consists of several methods and benefits. Because substance addiction is highly debilitating and, depending on the type of drug and the dose, with potentially lethal outcomes, the approaches need to be equally drastic and versatile. This is why inmates are joining the program will:

Go through individual and group therapy sessions Listen to motivational lectures Watch group videos Talk with others about their problems in the presence of a specialist Realize how their addiction has affected both them and those around them

These are crucial steps towards physical and spiritual cleaning, preparing the inmates for their new lives as free, functional members of society. And, no matter how bad the situation is, the individuals know they at least have a chance of redemption.

Early liberation

The BOP drug abuse treatment programs reward the inmate with a reduced sentence of up to a year upon completion. However, before having a chance of lowering their prison time, inmates first qualify for the program. And here there are several criteria they must meet for that to happen:

The inmate needs to have medical proofs regarding its drug abuse problems, both illegal like Cocaine, Methamphetamine, Heroine or any other, as well as legal or prescription-based like alcohol, Valium, Vicodin and others

The inmate’s sentence needs to be long enough to allow the completion of the rehab program

The inmate must not have any violent crimes on his record for the past ten years before the sentence currently in effect

The individual needs to possess the mental capabilities required to go through the program

The drug abuse problem the inmates are reporting must have occurred at least one full year before the sentence they are serving

Those who do not qualify for the rehabilitation program include:

violent offenders

those with aggravated criminal warrants to their name

those facing deportation for various reasons

those unfit for halfway house placement

The BOP drug abuse programs aim to assist inmates in escaping the grip of their addiction and allow them to readapt to society faster and more efficiently. And RDAP Consultants keep that goal in mind for each inmate who joins the program, making sure absolutely everything will go according to plan.

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